Tender Buttons

Laura Castellanos presents Tender Buttons, paintings from the Urban Visionary series, featuring a colorful cast of intriguing, primal characters. Castellanos paints with fresh awareness of the outsider aesthetic, eloquent skills, a sharp sense of humor, and an eye for psychologically incisive details

Castellanos’ Tender Buttons paintings capture the personalities of a series of characters that range from wistful and tender to dark and mysterious – described by famed LA Times art critic Peter Frank as ‘escapees from a particularly nasty children’s book’ or ‘a cockeyed Carnival procession.’ What intrigues viewers about Castellanos’ urban characters is the eloquent way in which they are painted, combined with the primacy and irreverent nature of the subject matter. In person, the grit, glow, and glamour of the paint adds an unexpectedly serious element to the parade of characters who fill the gallery.

Castellanos’ work is part of several public art collections, including the Tacoma Art Museum, City of Seattle Permanent Collection and Seattle City Lights Portable Works Collection. Other highlights include the Bumbershoot Poster, Civic Fence Project (downtown Seattle) and televised features on the Seattle Channel such as “Art Zone” and Town Hall’s “Inside Art.” Laura is a Pollock-Krasner and Artist Trust GAP grant recipient.

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