Pages From A Kyoto Notebook (online exhibition)

"Cities are like people. They can grow on you, churn your emotions and get under your skin. Over the years I've visited and lived in Kyoto. My wife Kazuko grew up there. Here, you are constantly aware of the seasons. And greeting strangers usually involves talking about the temperature. When walking up an ancient path to a mountain, you overhear people greeting one another with, "It's hot, isn't it?" The weather and the elements all play a part in carrying emotion into memory.

And then there is the Kamogawa, a river that runs through the city like a ribbon. It gives residents a sense of cleansing and renewal through its permanent ebb and flow. People use its banks to practice music, jog, exercise or simply rest. There is a particular way the rain sounds too on the gray tiles of the rooftops of traditional houses. Darkness, diffuse light and shadow also leave their mark.

So these paintings are one way to remind myself on how a city can lodge in the memory and flow through your bloodstream. This city is an old friend you are always happy to see again no matter what the circumstances or what brought you here. I hope you get some sense of the spirit of this place from the work."

Alan Lau on Phinney Ridge - March, 2019

These works will be on view at the home of Francine Seders on Sunday, March 24th, 3-6pm at 5600 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA. RSVP at They will then be at ArtXchange Gallery for viewing after March 24th.

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