North Gallery Featured Artist | Wilay Mendez

Wilay Méndez uses his artwork to interrogate, reflect and question the reality and the socio-historical context in which he lives. The imagery that composes his work relies on aesthetic cues from the Afro-Cuban experience and a critical view of contemporary society’s successes and oversights.
“I’ve lived in fear of conflict since my childhood in the 1980s. Fear of the Cold War, the social and political manipulation in Cuba since that time, and fear of future conflict between Russia and the United States. These conflicts, rooted in previous generations, seem so archaic and obsolete, yet continue to dominate the media and our imaginations. The ‘Nichos’ series is a confrontation of these fears that affect me and so many in our world. I don’t know what will happen now, but I continue to create art to speak to the people of today and the next generation.” 

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