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Through extensive travel and having called seven countries her home, Chin Yuen’s abstract paintings are evocative of diverse cultures and aesthetics. In Fantastic Journeys, Yuen takes the viewer beyond physical destinations and into realms of personal translation and creativity.

"I have had a travel bug since I was a kid. Having called seven countries my home and traveled extensively, I find my creative expressions enriched by my exposure to diverse cultures and aesthetics. Fantastic Journeys is a selection of abstract landscape paintings that are inspired by my travels.

The Meeting Place, for example, is a series inspired by Berlin, Germany -- my second home. The treed landscape represents the extensive green spaces of Berlin. In the background, I imbedded images of different things from the city such as aged wooden table tops, glass tiles from a theatre, and wall carvings from a fire hall -- little reminders that the city is never too far from the psyche of the people living in Berlin.

My Garden Paradise, on the other hand, celebrates my visit to a lush island in Malaysia, my country of birth. I collaged fabric from a well-worn and well-travelled skirt, whose patterns are camouflaged into the abstract jungle like exotic plants. Creating this triptych allowed me to escape to this tropical setting in the midst of winter.

Similarly, the three circular paintings are windows to my voyages. They are, however, less geographically specific and more reflective of what appeals to me in a landscape. In these paintings, I apply a simple composition of lines to express depth, beauty, and enchantment.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunities to travel widely and to have the luxury of interpreting my experiences into paintings of Fantastic Journeys -- journeys that take me beyond physical destinations and into realms of personal translation and creativity." -- Chin Yuen

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