Laura Castellanos | Bodega (Love Materials)

Laura Castellanos returns to ArtXchange Gallery with her biggest installation yet, transforming the gallery into a glittery, interactive ‘bodega.’ Inspired by the memory of the bodega (small neighborhood store) owned by her Cuban grandparents in the early ’60s and partially re-creating the funky masterpiece of her brightly painted studio itself, this bodega offers everything from vibrant paintings to hand puppets to wearable art. Providing an absurdly refreshing and strangely uplifting escape from the seriousness of today’s world, this wide range is meant to make a piece of the artist’s love and humor affordable to all.

"Life with art has a curative outcome. It allows us to re-imagine what is possible while promoting a thriving synergy between mind and spirit. Being on a budget shouldn't get in the way of living with art. That's why I created the "Bodega" (Love Materials). It's a concept exhibition with an eye towards enriching an art lover's life in unexpected ways." - Laura Castellanos, 2018

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