A Circle Around the Sun

As the circle of one year closes and the next one begins, ArtXchange Gallery presents a diverse selection of new works by gallery artists showcasing growth, change and experimentation. From Marcio Diaz, a selection of his unique Bubblism paintings reveals the artists range from intriguing landscapes to shimmering abstraction. Vibrant and approachable mixed-media characters by Lauren Castellanos provide a playful element. A series of petite encaustic monotypes by Caryn Friedlander are intimate yet evoke expansive galaxies. Mixed-media photographer Yuko Ishii presents her newest series exploring healing through universal truths found in geometry and nature. Sumi-e painter Alan Lau exhibits playful small and large works inspired by the beautiful moments in daily life. William Song explores the resonant properties of color, light and awareness in a series of serene abstract oil paintings. Join ArtXchange Gallery for a warm and engaging exhibition that celebrates the ways artists express life. 


Join us for the artist reception on Thursday, January 9th, 5-8 pm.

Live Butoh Performance: Saturday, January 25th, 1-3 pm.

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