Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

Elementals 2012: Fire, 2012
Spray paint, airbrush and collage on canvas
72 x 48 in (182.88 x 121.92 cm)
(Image: front and back of screen) Jonathan Wakuda Fischer brings a supernatural approach to our contemporary urban reality in artwork influenced by ancient Japanese folklore. "Digital Superstitions" mixes street art techniques with 19th century ukiyo-e aesthetics and the spirits of yōkai, mischievous shape-shifting ghosts. "2012 is the year of the (water) dragon, and also popularly known as a date for the end of the world. It’s possible for both fire and water to be evocative of natural disaster, but contrasting the dragon’s organic nature within a tiled exterior suggests latent, untapped power."
Elementals 2012: Fire by Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

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