Australian Aboriginal Artists

Ancestors II
Synthetic polymer on linen
24 x 39 in (60.96 x 99.06 cm)
Artist: Sarrita King

Sarrita King was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1988. She is the younger sister to fellow artist, Tarisse King and daughter to the late, highly regarded artist, William King Jungala. Sarrita spent most of her youth growing up in Darwin in the Northern Territory. Stylistically, Sarrita utilizes traditional Aboriginal techniques such as ‘dotting’ but also incorporates unorthodox techniques inherited from her late father, as well as self-developed practices. Her art is a fusion of the past, present and future and represents the next generation of artists who have been influenced by both their indigenous history and modern upbringing. This ‘Ancestors’ painting, is layered with dots representing markings made on the land over thousands of years, entangled with patterns covering the land today, such as sand hills, flora and paths made by humans and animals. Beneath the land are the waterways which have been virtually constant over time feeding the land, the flora, fauna and humans. Sarrita’s ‘Ancestors’ works consist of two compositions layered over one another. The first layer represents the undulating surface of the land. The second layer is a depiction of the Cosmos – where the Ancestors go in the afterlife.

Ancestors II by Australian Aboriginal Artists

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